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    Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents, Nurse Home Neglect
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    At Alberts & Associates our attorneys can help you when you or a loved ones are injured. Since 1990 John A. Alberts has represented people involved in various accidents with injuries from a soft tissue accident to fatality auto accidents. He has been an attorney who has helped families recover millions of dollars to compensate them or their loved ones for their personal injuries they have suffered because of the negligent actions of others.

    "You have insurance on your vehicle and you would expect your insurance provider to cover someone if you hit them, you are entitled to the same coverage".

    The typical personal injury lawsuit does not take money from the individual but, from the individuals insurance company. You need an experienced Oklahoma City attorney to help you evaluate your case. Our lawyers will help you understand your future needs and guide you through the complicated and intimidating world of insurance.

    The insurance's personal injury attorneys are not there to help you and they are not your friend. They are lawyers ready to settle the claim as quickly as possible and they are there to reduce the impact to their company. You need an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney to fight for your rights and help you to recover what is yours by law. At Alberts & Associates we are attorney's who are working to make sure you and your family are provided for now and in the future.

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    Personal Injury Services:

    • Auto Accidents
    • Animal Bites
    • Nursing Home Neglect
    • Truck Accidents

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